AFSC recognizes that the hot, dry conditions experienced across the province are affecting many Alberta producers. Our team is here to support our clients during this challenging time, and we are ready to work with clients to meet their individual needs.

AFSC continues to monitor the situation throughout the province as the 2021 crop year progresses. We anticipate a number of claims over the coming days and week as this situation continues to unfold. Our team of adjusters are familiar with the current conditions, and they are working to resolve claims as quickly as possible.

All claims are ranked and resolved by order of priority. Top priority claims include those claims where clients have indicated they need to allow cattle to feed on the crop immediately. AFSC adjusters are allocated throughout the province; however, adjusters will be moved as necessary to meet client claim levels

We strongly encourage clients to call their branch office or Relationship Manager Insurance (RMI) with any questions they have regarding their particular situation.

AgriRecovery response

Drought-stricken livestock producers will be eligible for millions of dollars in financial relief and will benefit from new rangeland initiatives that will improve access to water grazing. The Government of Alberta is making $136 million available under the AgriRecovery program, a joint program between the governments of Alberta and Canada, and has asked the federal government to provide an additional $204 million for a total relief package of $340 million.

To learn more, please see the full announcement Support on the way for livestock producers

AFSC Resources

Hot, dry weather may move producers to put crops to other uses

Prolonged periods of heat with little moisture are taking a toll on crops in several areas of the province. If these severe growing conditions continue, some producers may put their crops to alternate uses rather than waiting for them to mature.

AFSC clients with Crop Insurance, Processing Vegetable, Hay or Export Timothy Hay insurance, can choose to put their insured crop to an alternate use including pasturing, ploughing down, spraying out, silaging, stacking or any other type of immeasurable state, such as large square bales.

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Putting poor crops to good use

The governments of Canada and Alberta, through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, are adjusting the crop insurance program.

Low Yield Allowance is a standard part of the production insurance program, and is meant for situations of extreme heat and severe drought. Alberta is doubling the low yield threshold to allow for additional cereal or pulse crops to be salvaged for livestock feed. For example, the barley crop threshold will be increased from 150 to 300 kg per acre.

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Low Yield Allowance Q & A

In response to the extreme heat and dry conditions contributing to feed shortages this year, AFSC is doubling the Low Yield Allowance (LYA) threshold values for clients who salvage their cereal or pulse crops as feed. If the appraised yield falls below the established threshold level, AFSC can reduce the appraisal to zero based on information gathered by the adjuster during the inspection. The appraised yield of the crop is used in the calculation of any subsequent indemnities.

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Inspection Strips

Inspection Strips are standing strips or swaths of insured crop left in from the edges of the field, a distance of about one-third (1/3) of the width of the field, for the length of the field and a minimum of 10 feet in width, for inspection by AFSC. The client is responsible for the maintenance of all inspection strips and swaths.

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Yield Estimation Calculator for Annual Crops

A tool to help clients estimate yields prior to harvest. This estimate may help clients determine whether they want to combine the crop or sell it for feed, or estimate potential yield for production contracting. If you are planning to put an insured crop to alternate use, please contact AFSC to arrange for an inspection.

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Selling grain through an unlicensed buyer: take these steps first

Producers who are thinking about selling their grain through an unlicensed grain buyer need to consider a variety of factors, especially if they have production insurance through AFSC. Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) defines a licensed buyer in the Contract of Insurance as a grain buyer, licensed by the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) as a primary elevator or terminal elevator.

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Important reminders regarding selling grain to unlicensed buyers

Satellite Yield Insurance Q&A

The Satellite Yield Insurance program is an area-based program that uses satellite measurements of light absorbed and reflected by pasture vegetation to estimate pasture growth. Losses are paid when the determined annual pasture growth in the township falls below the normal pasture growth in the area. Given the extreme heat and dry conditions clients who have purchased satellite insurance may have questions as to how the program works.

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Moisture Deficiency Insurance and Moisture Deficiency Endorsement Q&As

The Moisture Deficiency Insurance program (pasture) and Moisture Deficiency Endorsement (hay) programs are area-based programs that compensate clients when the accumulated precipitation at selected weather station(s) in a given year falls below the normal expected precipitation for that weather station according to the payment schedule. Given this year’s extreme heat and dry conditions, clients who have purchased the insurance through these programs may have questions about how they work.

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Things to know this harvest season

2021’s hot, dry conditions continue to impact producers throughout Alberta and as we move through the harvest season, producers may want to note the following items.

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Eyes on the sky: severe weather and your insurance

Volatile storm activity coupled with extremely dry conditions in some areas means there is an increased risk of lightning strike or accidental fire affecting crops throughout Alberta. Depending your insurance coverage with Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC), you may have protection against losses related to lightning strikes and accidental fires.

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Additional resources

Farming in dry conditions

Information and tools from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry to assist with on-farm business management and production issues during dry conditions and periods of business stress.

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Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s Water Pump Program

The Water Pumping Program provides assistance to producers in securing adequate water supplies for domestic, livestock or agricultural purposes.

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Farming the Web

An online marketplace for the forage and agriculture community operated with ethics and integrity. Powered by the Alberta Forage Industry Network.

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Mental health resources

The Do More Ag Foundation is a not-for-profit organization focusing on mental health in agriculture across Canada. Their website has information on a number of mental health resources, crisis lines and websites across Canada.

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We encourage AFSC clients to contact their Relationship Manager Insurance to discuss the situation on their farm. Clients can also contact AFSC through Live Chat on or AFSC Connect or by calling our Client Service Centre at 1.877.899.2372.