AFSC believes in building strong communities throughout Alberta. Our investments are part of being a trusted community partner, a good neighbour and an employer of choice.

AFSC offers the following types of community investment – sponsorship, donation or in-kind donation.

Sponsorship: Strategic partnerships negotiated with an organization or event who has an audience that AFSC is interested in connecting with. Marketing is the primary purpose of a sponsorship and success is measured by the return on investment to AFSC in the form of brand awareness, business connections and audience reach. A sponsor will receive benefits and the cost of the sponsorship can be used as a business expense.

Donation: A tax-deductible financial contribution made to a non-profit organization, registered charity, association or foundation, in support of Albertan’s greater good and does not require AFSC to receive goods or services in return.

In-Kind Donation: Donations of resources or product to support an organization or program. These may include employee time, services, products, etc.

Areas of focus

AFSC believes in directing our community investment efforts through support of organizations and initiatives that generate clear and demonstrable value to the communities in which we operate, live and work, and align with the following focus areas: agriculture; education, outreach & training, and community well-being.

  • Agriculture: supporting the business of, or the advancement of, the agriculture, agribusiness and agri-food industry, or the next generation of agriculture.
  • Education, Outreach & Training: supporting initiatives and services that contribute to education, awareness and increased knowledge related to agriculture, agriculture financial literacy and agriculture risk management.
  • Community Well-Being: initiatives that uniquely engage our local operating areas, build community capacity, and/or contribute to healthy vibrant agriculture communities and workplace environments.

AFSC’s Sponsorship & Community Investment program does not support:

  • Events/ programs occurring outside of Alberta, even if there will be attendance of Albertans
  • Individuals, employees or their family members with donations or personal support (eg: fees to programs, equipment, single person support, teams)
  • Events where alcohol is the focus or a portion of an event focused on alcohol (eg: wine nights, bars at events, beer golf holes, alcohol raffles)
  • Churches or religious affiliations directly
  • Funding for capital campaigns (brick-and-mortar projects)
  • Projects that are part of the ongoing responsibility of governments (e.g. schools, municipal programs)
  • Educational institutions and schools, except for initiatives that fall outside of general expenses
  • Amateur sport (eg: bull-a-ramas, ladies barrel racing, golf tournament, curling bonspiels)