Agriculture Financial Services (AFSC) is proud to partner with the Do More Ag Foundations on a variety of mental health events throughout the year. Together, we're stronger.


Farm Safety: Navigating Stress, Sleep, and Burnout – March 13, 2024

In recognition of Farm Safety Week, we chatted about a crucial but often overlooked aspect of farm safety: mental health. This informative session brought together industry experts and practitioners to look at how mental well-being directly impacts safety on the farm.

Nurturing the Land and Mind: Perspectives from Those Who Feed Our Nation – February 13, 2024

In this chat, we highlight the diverse and dedicated individuals who feed our nation, the various challenges they face, and their coping tools. Our panelists share what drives their passion for agriculture and how they maintain mental resilience in a demanding industry.

Farm Transition Appreciation Day – January 9, 2024

An insightful fireside chat focused on integrating emotional well-being into your farm transition journey.

  • Expert insights on managing emotional challenges during farm transitions.
  • Strategies for maintaining harmony within the family and the farm.
  • An interactive Q&A session to address your specific concerns.

BroTalk – November 6, 2023

A candid discussion on men’s mental health. Hear panelists share their personal journeys, offering raw and honest insights into their mental health struggles.

Canada’s Ag Day: Every Boot Tells a Story – February 15, 2023

Agriculture is an industry with a foundation of deep rural roots, hard work, resilience, strength and community. In order to uphold that image, those traits can also be the industry’s weakness as they become barriers for speaking up and seeking help. Hear producers from across Canada share their stories.

Farm Transition Appreciation Day – January 10, 2023

Listen as Elaine Froese and Mona Cooley discuss how to prioritize emotional well-being while finding harmony in farm transition. Elaine is a go-to expert for farm families who want better communication and conflict resolution to secure a successful farm transition. Mona Cooley is a mental health professional passionate about helping coach families.