The Agriculture Financial Services Act incorporates Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) as a Crown corporation.

Within the legislation, AFSC is given a mandate to:

  • lend funds
  • provide insurance
  • provide financial assistance
  • market and provide expertise and skills
  • provide any service related to the business of the corporation

AFSC fulfills its legislated mandate through the delivery of the following programs:

  • AgriInsurance
  • AgriStability
  • AgriInsurance (Annual and Perennial Crop Insurance programs)
  • The Livestock Price Insurance program
  • The Next Generation Loan program
  • The Developing Producer Loan program
  • The Alberta Producer Loan program
  • The Revolving Loan program
  • The AgriBusiness Loan program
  • Loan guarantees
  • Straight Hail Insurance program
  • other programs as directed by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

Agriculture Financial Services Corporation Mandate and Roles