Working in agriculture requires the ability to withstand unpredictable events. To protect producers from designated perils that lead to production loss, Agriculture Financial Services (AFSC) provides a suite of insurance programs.

These programs provide:

  • protection for producers from financial losses due to circumstances beyond their control
  • coverage for many types of operations including commercial, organic, pedigreed seed and specialty cropping.

What’s new for 2024

New Crop Insurance Initiative (NCII) Acreage Limit: Maximum eligible acreage of insured NCII crops is limited to the acreage of insured crops under the associated Crop Insurance policy.

Wildfire has been added to the list of Designated Perils as an insurable cause of loss for Crop Insurance and Processing Vegetable Insurance.

Reseeding Benefit: The reseeding benefit values continue to be reviewed and updated annually so that the values are more relevant and reflective of current market input conditions. Please refer to the applicable Insuring Agreement(s) to find the updated values for the current year.

Weather Stations for Silage Greenfeed LOM: Seven new weather stations – Ross Creek, Carseland, Marwayne, Gahern, Hilda, Twin River, and Aden – are being added to the network of weather stations across Alberta, while one weather station, Clear Hills, is being decommissioned.

  • Clients who had selected Clear Hills in the previous year can update their selected weather stations by completing a change request on or before April 30.
  • As weather stations are subject to change, please view the Weather Station Selection Tool at or visit your preferred AFSC branch office for a current list.

What was new in 2023

To learn about changes made in last year, please see What was new in annual crop insurance in 2023