Agriculture Financial Services (AFSC) provides crop insurance for annual and perennial crops as well as honey and bee overwintering.

Through the suite of options available, AFSC brings producers peace of mind by helping make risk-management decisions that fit the unique needs of each operation. Insurance is available to any producer who meets AFSC eligibility requirements. Applicants are required to provide legal, operational and financial information.

Crop Insurance in Alberta includes Agrilnsurance and is one component of the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership. This agreement is Canada’s and Alberta’s commitment to agriculture, and focuses on achieving results, reflects input from across the sector, and strives to deliver programs that are responsive to the needs of producers.

Federal and provincial governments support AgriInsurance programs by paying all administration expenses and sharing premium costs with clients. The client’s premium is calculated by multiplying the dollar coverage by the client’s share of the premium rate and applying any applicable premium adjustments.

AFSC also administers an additional business risk management program under the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership – the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program. This program compensates agricultural producers for wildlife damage to eligible harvested crops. Producers wishing to participate in the program are not required to have insurance to qualify for a claim.