AFSC shares our clients' stories through our Stories from the Field videos.

Kamlah Farms Ltd.

Jeff and Grejanka Kamlah run a state-of-the-art poultry farm near Didsbury. With the help of our Next Generation Loan program this young family was able to automate and expand their operation which allows them to continue to do what they love.

At AFSC, our people are proud to support Alberta farmers. Many of us, like Leslie McEachern and Melanie Onyschuk, are farmers too and their experiences play a vital role in their work with AFSC.

Alberta 4-H

AFSC supports 4-H in many communities throughout across the province. AFSC’s 4-H Club Fund provides support for 4-H clubs, districts and regions in Alberta to assist with costs associated with developing existing programs and activities, including the costs to start a new club.

Busy Bee Farm Ltd

AFSC lending client Busy Bee Farm Ltd. operates near Hay Lakes and produces around one million pounds of honey every year. AFSC loans have helped increase infrastructure to help grow their operation.

Sloan Cattle Company

Sloan Cattle Company is a third generation family farm near Ashmont. Livestock Price Insurance helps provide a safeguard and a marketing tool to the farm.

Neubauer Family

The Neubauer Family has been farming in Alberta since 1910, and working on raising the fifth generation of farmers. Their love for the agriculture industry shows in the efforts they put into their farm and also the agricultural education programs they host to spread the word to those outside the industry.

Scholing’s Produce

Scholing’s Produce has operated in the Lacombe area for over 20 years. Every agribusiness and farm is different but knowing AFSC can supply producers with capital and programs to manage risk ensures these vital ag businesses continue to flourish.

Lewis Farms

Every farm is different; but every farmer knows they need the right tools to get the job done, and the right tools to help manage the risk when things don’t go as planned.