Through The Road Forward: AFSC's Strategic Plan 2023-2028, Agriculture Financial Services (AFSC) continues our journey to be easy to do business with as we serve Alberta producers, ranchers, and agri-businesses.   

Within this plan, we challenge our teams to focus on operational excellence, running the business of AFSC as effectively as possible, today and in the future. We will provide the right products and services at the right time while managing costs, driving efficiency and handling volumes effectively.  

We will work to create organizational capacity that, in turn, ensures our clients have a positive experience with us. This focus on operational excellence is anchored to five objectives:  

  • Enable success for digital business optimization 
  • Prepare for our workforce of the future 
  • Deliver an exceptional client experience 
  • Inspire innovation in our products and how we conduct business 
  • Maximize value to the Government of Alberta, AFSC stakeholders and all Albertans  

While elements of this plan are future-focused, we recognize that the daily work of many of our team members is focused on delivering our programs for our clients – supporting them to grow and sustain their operations. Ensuring AFSC is engaging with industry and policy makers to offer relevant risk management programs is a key priority to support this work.  

Read The Road Forward – AFSC Strategic Plan 2023-28.pdf   (Link opens in a new window.)