Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) offers a variety of loans for agriculture and agribusinesses in Alberta. The Agribusiness Loan Program provides Alberta’s food processors, agribusinesses, agricultural suppliers, manufacturers and rural utilities with a consistent source of fixed-rate term loans.

This program supports investment in Alberta’s agribusiness sector by providing financing to start, develop and grow your business. The Agribusiness Loan Program supports businesses directly engaged in the physical transformation, processing or packaging of an agricultural input into a higher-value finished product.


The Agribusiness Loan Program can be used for a variety of purposes for your new or existing business operation.

  • Land purchase
  • Equipment purchase
  • Inventory
  • Building purchase/ construction
  • Working capital
  • Costs associated with development of new markets or new products
  • Change of ownership
  • Share purchase
  • Restructure existing debt


  • Agribusiness Loan Program offers various fixed-rate terms up to 20 years with a maximum amortization of 25 years
  • Loans can be prepaid or paid in full at any time without penalty
  • Long-term, competitive interest rates
  • Payment schedule to fit your cash flow
  • No annual fees
  • AFSC Lending Products have a maximum lending limit of $30 million per individual or any group of connected individuals or companies.

Applying for a loan

This program is eligible to individuals who are Canadian citizens or landed immigrants, and companies incorporated in Canada and registered to operate a business in Alberta.