AgriInvest helps producers manage small income declines and provides support for investments to mitigate risk or improve market income.

An AgriInvest account builds as annual deposits are made, which are based on a percentage of a producer’s allowable net sales (ANS), and receive matching contributions from federal, provincial and territorial governments. The program is administered by the Federal Administration. Contact them here.

How AgriInvest works

The calculation of ANS is based on a producer’s farm income tax information. To be eligible for AgriInvest, a producer must file taxes by September 30, following the end of the program year. If a producer misses the deadline, taxes can still be submitted within the next three months (up to December 31). However, the maximum matchable deposit will be reduced by five per cent for each month (or part of month) that the tax is submitted late.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada no longer mails AgriInvest Deposit Confirmation Notices to AgriInvest participants who have made their full matchable deposit and received full government contributions. However, participants can still view their Deposit Confirmation Notice online with an MY AAFC account. Participants can also confirm the status of their AgriInvest deposit by checking their AgriInvest account statement from their bank or credit union or contacting AAFC toll-free at 1-866-367-8506.

Filing for Individuals and Partnerships

File a T1163 form directly to Canada Revenue Agency, along with regular income tax filings.

Filing for Corporations

AgriInvest clients are now only required to submit an Alberta Statement A. Identify clearly at the top of the Statement A  “AgriInvest Only”. AFSC will then forward your tax information to the AgriInvest Federal Administration.

Important note about withdrawals

Once a producer makes a deposit, he or she must wait until the government makes its matching deposit before withdrawing any money. Once the deposit is matched, the funds can be withdrawn at any time.