Apply today for an Agribusiness Loan from Agriculture Financial Services.

Filling out a loan application does not entitle applicants to a loan; we encourage applicants to contact a Relationship Manager Lending to discuss their proposal before completing any forms. Please call 1.877.899.2372 or visit your preferred AFSC branch office.

Application steps

Agriculture Financial Services (AFSC) requires that you gather:

  • Three years financial statements/income tax history
  • Birth certificate, proof of Canadian citizenship, or permanent residency for non-corporate applicants
  • A certificate of owner/shareholders
  • Information regarding products/services offered, key clients/industries serviced. View Elements of a Financial Proposal to guide you.

Complete the required forms: Application for Loan, Personal Financial Statement (complete for all shareholders), Personal History (complete for all key management personnel), Projection of Income and Expenses, Schedule of Ownership and Management, Credit Information Request.

Bring all of the above to an AFSC office near you.