Albertans place their trust in Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) to provide insurance and lending products to the agricultural and commercial business community.

AFSC takes this trust seriously and strives to protect its programs from fraud and provides reporting avenues when individuals suspect fraud or program abuse. Click the link to view AFSC’s Fraud Prevention Policy.

Examples of fraud may include:

  • Falsifying documents
  • Hiding commodities
  • Non-disclosure of all relevant information
  • Selling commodities under someone else’s name

If you suspect fraudulent activity, waste or abuse in any of our programs, contact:

ClearView Connects (available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year) at 1.877.685.9317 or visit

Whistleblower Protection Program

AFSC is committed to ensuring every vendor and employee performs their duties honestly, ethically and professionally. However, when any activity is carried out improperly, clear guidance and safe channels must be available to vendors and employees who, in good faith, disclose such actions. The Whistleblower Protection Program enables these conditions.

To disclose information regarding alleged wrongdoing, call ClearView Connects ™ (24 hours per day, 365 days per year) at 1.877.685.9317 or by visiting

Program Cross Compliance and Investigation

Program Cross Compliance and Investigation reviews the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of information provided by customers to AFSC’s programs, identifying areas of non-compliance and inconsistencies within and between programs.

In recent years, there have been numerous reports of private sector and public sector scandals. AFSC answers to producers and taxpayers, which makes it important for sound, ethical practices to be prevalent in all its programs. AFSC is responsible for protecting the integrity of the programs it administers, and ensuring the taxpayers’ monies are properly accounted for.