Producers insured under AFSC’s Hail Endorsement or Straight Hail Insurance who currently have non-viable acres due to excessive moisture can apply to have their hail premiums refunded for 2020. This one-time initiative offers relief to farmers who have drowned out crops that are no longer viable, and thus would be ineligible for a hail claim.

Q & As

What does the hail premium refund on non-viable acres cover?

The Hail Premium Refund covers non-viable acres of a crop that have been insured under Hail Endorsement or Straight Hail Insurance. Non-viable crops are those where the yield possible is deemed not worth the cost of harvesting (can’t be combined/harvested). Hail premiums for the non-viable acres will be refunded, as crops must be considered viable to be eligible for a Hail Endorsement or Straight Hail claim.

What are the eligibility criteria for Hail Premium Refund?

  • Application for the Hail Premium Refund must be completed and submitted by September 11, 2020 to be eligible for the refund.
  • Fields where a material amount of the crop is no longer viable as a result of being flooded or drowned out are eligible for the refund. Over 10 per cent of the field’s insured acres must be deemed to be flooded/non-viable to qualify.
  • Non-viable acres must be the result of excessive moisture or flooding that occurring during the 2020 growing season and prior to the submission of the application.
  • The refund will be applied only to acres insured by AFSC for spot loss hail damage for the 2020 crop year.
  • The total viable and non-viable acres for an insured field cannot exceed the acres insured for that field. Non-viable acres need to be reported at the field level.
  • Any non-viable acres on which an indemnity has been previously been paid by AFSC for hail damage are not eligible.
  • The non-viable acres for an insured field must exceed 10 per cent of the total insured acres for that insured field.
  • Any adjustments made on annual crop apply only to hail endorsement. There will be no other adjustments to any other portion of the premium.

If I want to submit a claim, how can I apply?

You can submit your application online through AFSC Connect. Using your AFSC Connect account, log in and complete the online application.

You must apply by 11:59 p.m. on September 11, 2020 to qualify for the refund. Your cooperation in accurately reporting the amount of acres that are non-viable is crucial: i.e. you cannot report that a low yield crop is non-viable.

I don’t have an AFSC Connect account. What do I need to do?

AFSC Connect is our online client system and we’ve had positive feedback on how easy it is to use. We understand that this is new to some clients and our staff are here to help you get an account set up.

For assistance setting up an AFSC Connect account, call our Client Service Centre at 1.877.899.2372, contact a branch office or use our online chat. We are ready and available to answer your questions and assist you.

I don’t have internet access. Can I still apply?

If you do not have internet access, you can still apply for the refund. Please call your AFSC branch office for further information.

What information will I need to provide?

For each field impacted, you will need to provide:

  • Legal land description
  • Part
  • Crop type
  • Acres insured
  • Non-viable acres

When can I apply?

Applications for the Hail Premium Refund will be accepted from Wednesday, August 19 until Friday, September 11, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. This is a special refund, in response to the excessive moisture in the northern part of Alberta. Generally, there are no refunds after July 31 of the insured year.

Will I be monitored/audited?

The integrity of our programs is important to AFSC, and we want the programs to work for our clients when they need them. To ensure our Straight Hail and Hail Endorsement programs are sustainable, we need to collect premium on all acres that a claim could potentially be made against.

We ask our clients be as accurate as possible. Throughout all phases of the initiative, we will monitor the information reported. AFSC will be conducting random audits to ensure people are following the intent of the refund. Clients should consider that all information reported during the refund process must be consistent with abandoned acres reported on their Harvest Production Report.

How will payments be calculated?

The refund is simply the number of abandoned acres multiplied by the premium paid per acre.

When will I receive payment?

Please note AFSC will be processing these refunds this fall as part of our Harvested Production Report and Post-Harvest activities.

Who do I contact for more information?

For additional information, please contact AFSC using online chat, call our Client Service Centre at 1.877.899.2372 or contact a branch office. AFSC is ready and available to answer your questions and assist you.