Supplemental information for all lots included in your bid must be received by AFSC within seven days of your bid being accepted. Supplemental bid information for all lots accepted in a bid week must be submitted on one document via document upload in AFSC Connect.

If you are providing a report from your own software, AFSC requires the columns to be in the following order. All rows must have information in column. 

  1. AFSC ID: The ID number of the business who has an accepted bid
  2. CLTS ID:  Your Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) identification number
  3. Premises ID:  The premises identification number where the animals are located
  4. Lot Number:  The name of the lot the animals are in
  5. TAG_ID: The TAG_ID is the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag number of each animal in the lot. RFID tag numbers are to be reported for each lot. Remember to check that the total number of RFID tags per lot match the number of head in the lots that have been accepted.

Submit your file via AFSC Connect

  • Save completed file in CSV format
  • Log into AFSC Connect
  • Use Submit Your Document

Product Type: AgriRecovery
Business Name: Business name for which you have accepted bids.
Subscription Number: XXXXXXX AgriStability

  • Attach CSV file
  • Click Submit Your Document, a confirmation pop up will advise that your document has uploaded


It is the participants responsibility to ensure all lot information is complete and submitted to AFSC within seven days of bid acceptance. AFSC will not be notifying clients of incomplete supplemental information. Incomplete supplemental information will not be accepted and will render your bid denied, and the animals ineligible for compensation.