For many Alberta farmers, participating locally in a Canadian Foodgrains growing project is a way to make a difference at a global level.

Founded in 1983, the Canadian Foodgrains Bank works to end global hunger by providing emergency humanitarian responses to address immediate need and development projects that provide agricultural training.

While each Foodgrains growing project is unique, reflecting the area the crop is grown and the people involved, there are some common practices. The projects often have community involvement, with area businesses assisting the growing projects with donations of goods, like seed and fertilizer, and services, like insurance. This year, AFSC is proud to support 22 growing projects in 30 locations throughout Alberta through the donation of hail insurance.

Inside Alberta’s growing projects

Join us as we follow the stories of these diverse growing projects with the help of Ary Vreeken, Canadian Foodgrains Bank regional representative.

Acres of Hope Growing Project

Coaldale Growing Project

Leduc Growing Project

Newell Growing Project

Northeast Growing Project

Picture Butte Growing Project

Ponoka Growing Project

Vauxhall & District Growing Project

Westfield Growing Project