Women play a key role on Alberta’s farms, ranches and agribusinesses; however, sometimes their contributions are overlooked. Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) is recognizing the women who make a difference in the agriculture industry with our Women in Ag Award.

This annual award acknowledges and honours the passion, dedication and commitment of women in agriculture and agribusiness in Alberta. It also celebrates the growing presence of women in this industry. Each year the award recognizes seven phenomenal individuals – four from anywhere in the province and three from within AFSC – who are improving this industry.

2022 AFSC Women in Agriculture Award Recipients Announcement

The 2022 recipients are:

  • Simone Demers-Collins, North
  • Emily Herder, Central
  • Luree Williamson, South
  • Hannah Konschuh, Under 40
  • Tori Stang, AFSC North
  • Karyn Salsbury, AFSC Central
  • Lori Peacock, AFSC South

These individuals are creating positive changes in the industry, and demonstrate:

  • Leadership or mentorship within the agriculture or agri-food industry
  • Passion for the agriculture industry
  • Support for the next generation of agriculture

The recipients of the Women in Ag award will receive a unique AFSC-branded award, a full attendance package for Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference (AWC West), hotel accommodation, and a private breakfast reception/pull-up-a-chair session with an AWC West speaker.

CFCW is the official media partner for the AFSC Women in Ag Award.

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