Agriculture Financial Service Corporation (AFSC) is dedicated to supporting communities in Alberta - where many of us live and work.

We aim to partner with organizations and events that enhance our local communities while ensuring our contributions are purposeful, measurable and impactful.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for support from AFSC, the sponsorship or event must:

  • Support AFSC’s vision, mission and values while directly correlating with AFSC’s target market and Marketing & Communications’ annual strategies
  • Have a positive impact in Alberta’s communities, foster community growth and wellness
  • Benefit rural Albertans
  • Be located where AFSC has a business presence or is looking to develop future business opportunities
  • Be able to show direct benefit and have clear results from the funds contributed

Sponsorship and Events Requests

Due to the ongoing concern of COVID-19 and the directive of the Government of Alberta regarding public gatherings, AFSC will not be attending or providing funding to events for the foreseeable future.

During this time, our sponsorship program and funding for upcoming events and opportunities is on hold. We will provide an update to this situation when we are able. Thank you for your understanding.