Agriculture Financial Service (AFSC) plays an integral role in supporting and making a difference in Alberta communities through our sponsorships and community activities.

AFSC sees the value of community every day – in the fields helping out a neighbour, in town at the local coffee shop or in the barns of a regional 4-H show. That is why AFSC is committed to enhancing the communities where our clients and team members work, live and play.

Our Sponsorship & Community Initiatives

AFSC’s Sponsorship & Community Initiatives program is based on the guiding principle that building strong communities throughout Alberta – where our employees and our clients live and work – is vital to our organization’s success.

Our investment in community is part of being a trusted community partner, a good neighbour and an employer of choice. It binds us together with our clients and employees and strengthens our province.

AFSC believes in directing our sponsorship and community initiative efforts through support of organizations and initiatives that generate clear and demonstrable value to the communities in which we operate, live and work.

Our areas of focus

AFSC’s investments (sponsorships, donations or in-kind donations) align with the following focus areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Education and Outreach
  • Community Well-Being

Additionally, all investments recognize AFSC’s vision, mission and values, strategic priorities and provide benefit to rural Albertans.

Lastly, whenever possible, AFSC looks to build synergies and connections back to its core business and product objectives, ultimately helping to serve and protect our clients’ businesses and grow our agriculture community. Some of AFSC’s key products include AgriStability, Livestock Price Insurance (LPI), Agribusiness and the Next Generation loans.