Through our Sponsorship & Community Initiatives program, Agriculture Financial Services Corporation supports the next generation of agriculture and agri-food by investing in the development of life-long skills such as co-operation, leadership, interpersonal relations, critical thinking, decision making, organization, public speaking and community service.

In addition to providing a 4-H Alberta provincial scholarship, and supporting 4-H Alberta provincial programs such as Club Week, Key Leader Training, Counsellors in Training, and more, AFSC also contributes locally to 4-H Alberta through its 4-H Alberta Grassroots Fund.

About the AFSC 4-H Alberta Grassroots Fund

AFSC cares about connecting with 4-H in the local community in ways that clubs, districts and regions find meaningful, which is why we have the 4-H Alberta Grassroots Fund.  All sponsorship requests related to 4-H clubs, districts and regions are directed to and allocated through this fund.

Applications are reviewed and for each compliant application, AFSC provides up to $500 for 4-H Alberta clubs, districts and region in Alberta, on a first-come, first-serve basis until all funds are allotted.

Applications are now closed.


AFSC believes in directing the 4-H Alberta Grassroots Funding to activities, programs, events or initiatives that align with the following focus areas: Agriculture/Agri-Food, Education and Outreach, and Community Well-Being.

Agriculture/Agri-Food: supporting the business of, or the advancement of the agriculture, agribusiness and agri-food industry, or the next generation of agriculture.

Education, Outreach & Training: supporting initiatives and services that contribute to education, awareness and increased knowledge related to agriculture/agri-food, agriculture/agri-food financial literacy and agriculture/agri-food risk management in order to help maintain stable high quality food development.  These events and initiatives are where members, leaders and community members gather and learn, and may also include speaking engagements.

Community Well-Being: initiatives that build community capacity, and/or contribute to healthy vibrant communities.

After meeting one or more of these focus areas, funds can be directed towards:

  • Event or program development and implementation
  • Costs associated with events (transportation, entrance and admission fees)
  • Developing or purchasing resource and activity materials
  • Speaker/trainer fees
  • Volunteer support and recognition
  • Costs to start a new club
  • Purchase of equipment and supplies.

The AFSC 4-H Alberta Grassroots Fund does NOT support:

  • Purchase of club/district/region clothing for members, volunteers, parents, leaders, etc.
  • Events/programs that occur outside of Alberta, even if there is Albertans organizing, attending or participating
  • Events where alcohol is the focus or a portion of an event focused on alcohol (ex. Wine nights, bars at events, beer golf holes, alcohol raffles)


All successful applicants are required to complete a short report to determine how the funds were spent.  Successful applicants that do not complete a report form, will not be eligible for AFSC 4-H Grassroots Fund support until the report is completed.