We are dedicated to agriculture in Alberta. We believe it is important to support the agriculture, agribusiness, and agri-food industries while helping grow and develop the next generation of agriculture.

AFSC is a long-standing trusted partner in Alberta agriculture, and we have a responsibility to support both the present day and the future of agriculture. That’s why we invest in programs focused on agriculture and promoting overall awareness and the advancement of our industry.

Our partners

We are proud of these partnerships, and we want to share the activities and outcomes that result from these relationships.

4-H Alberta: 4-H Alberta is one of Alberta’s longest-running youth organizations. Today’s program gives youth and adults life-long skills such as co-operation, leadership, interpersonal relations, critical thinking, decision making, organization, public speaking, and community service. Working together in a vibrant, thriving environment, 4-H Alberta connects people, ideas, and communities for a lifetime of benefit.

AFSC’s Women in Ag Awards: This annual award acknowledges and honours the passion, dedication and commitment of women in agriculture and agribusiness in Alberta. It also celebrates the growing presence of women in this industry. Each year the award recognizes seven phenomenal individuals – four from anywhere in the province and three from within AFSC – who are improving this industry.

Ag Innovations: An Agri-Trade Awards Program: An Agri-Trade Awards Program: Innovation is the lifeblood of agriculture, and Agri-Trade is where agricultural producers get to experience it firsthand. Each year, manufacturers and marketers of agricultural products are invited to showcase their newest ideas and advancements in the Ag Innovations Competition.

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