If a producer feels the AgriStability program rules were not applied correctly during the processing of their file, they may request an appeal.

Producers may request a review of their AgriStability program year file, if:

  • they feel the AgriStability program rules were not correctly applied to their file, or
  • they missed a deadline because of exceptional circumstances beyond their control.

Disagreeing with the program rules is not a valid reason for an appeal.

Requesting an appeal

A participant who is of the opinion that program rules were not correctly applied in the processing of their program year file may request a review by the Administrator. The Administrator may refer matters raised by participants to an Appeals Committee.


Appeals shall be subject to a deadline of 90 days from the date that the participant is notified by AFSC of the decision which is subject to appeal. Appeals must be submitted in writing to:

AgriStability Appeal Committee
c/o AFSC
5718 56 Avenue
Lacombe, Alberta T4L 1B1


Submitting an appeal

The written appeal must:

  • Clearly identify the nature of the appeal
  • Provide sufficient information and documentation to substantiate the appeal, and
  • Specify the remedy being sought

The AgriStability Appeal Committee must make recommendations in accordance with the agreements and legislation governing AgriStability.