We support initiatives that educate, enhance awareness and increase knowledge related to agriculture, agriculture financial literacy and agriculture risk management.

We believe in advancing the future of agriculture through building tomorrow’s leaders, promoting safety awareness, encouraging agriculture education in the areas of financial literacy and risk management, and innovation. We want to help make it possible for the next generation of agriculture to thrive.

Our Partners

Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference: The Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference for women who are passionate about agriculture and food, whether they are a university or college student studying agriculture, or a producer, rancher, entrepreneur, representative of a grower association. or corporate agribusiness.

AgSmart: AgSmart, proudly produced by Olds College, is an educational expo focused on data and technology across the agriculture industry.

AgExpo: AFSC presents the AgExpo Speaker Series, featuring keynote speakers the latest information on best practices, innovation, technology, safety and well-being.

AgforLife: Agriculture for Life (Ag for Life) is a charitable organization dedicated to building a greater understanding and appreciation of agriculture and its fundamental connection to life.

Farm Management Canada: An umbrella for farm business management, Farm Management Canada is the only national organization dedicated exclusively to the development and delivery of leading-edge resources, information and tools to support farm business success.

Young Agrarians Prairies: Young Agrarians is a farmer-to-farmer educational resource network for new and young ecological, organic, and regenerative farmers in Canada.  In the Prairies, Young Agrarians host educational events, including the Business Bootcamp e-learning program and an apprenticeship training program in regenerative agriculture providing on-farm education and hands-on skills development. In Alberta, they are developing capacity to increaseland access programming.

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