Welcome to the final episode in the AFSC Podcast series! The goal of this limited podcast series is to provide Alberta producers in-depth information to support decision making on their operation around risk management.

In our third episode we take a close look at the 2020 Canada Alberta Fed Cattle Feed Cost Offset Initiative, specifically we dive into details on the bid set aside component of this AgriRecovery initiative. Daniel Graham and Michael Vadnais of AFSC join us to talk about the purpose of the initiative and particulars such as eligibility, the bidding process and more.


Information Mentioned in this Episode:

Weekly bid process steps

1/ Friday: Enrolled producers are notified about the upcoming bid process that begins the following Monday morning at 9 a.m.

2/ Monday: At 9 a.m. the bid process begins. Eligible producers will be required to supply:

  • Premises ID
  • Lot Number(s)
  • Number of Eligible Animals in each Lot
  • Animal Type – Heifer or Steer
  • Average net weight of the Lot must average 1,300 lbs for heifers or 1,400 lbs for steers at the date the bid is submitted
  • Bid amount

3/ Wednesday: The bid process for that week closes at noon.

4/ Friday: By noon, all eligible participants are notified if their bids for that week were accepted or rejected.

If a participant’s bid is accepted, they have seven days to submit supplemental information on each accepted bid. This includes the CLTS account number, PID, lot number and registered RFID tags associated with the eligible animals.