The 2019 AgriStability deadline was extended 60 days to July 2, to support producers affected by the ongoing Canada/China trade dispute. The extension applies to all sectors; producers from all sectors are welcome to apply through to July 2.

Agriculture and Forestry Minister Devin Dreeshen’s May 2 statement on market access and the AgriStability deadline extension can be found here:

AgriStability is a risk management tool that provides producers protection against large margin declines caused by market fluctuations or increased expenses that threaten the viability of their farm and are beyond their capacity to manage. AgriStability offers margin protection for the whole farm – consequently a price reduction in a single commodity may not result in a program payment.

You are eligible for AgriStability if you earn income from the primary production of agricultural commodities (details: The following individuals or groups can participate in AgriStability:

  • Communal organizations
  • Co-operatives
  • Corporations
  • Estates
  • Individual farmers
  • Landlords in crop or livestock share joint venture
  • Limited partnerships
  • Partners in a partnership
  • Status Indians and Band farms farming on a reserve
  • Trusts

How to Apply:

  • Step 1: Enrol

Each year you must enroll in the program by the enrolment deadline.  For the 2019 program year only, the enrollment deadline has been extended from April 30 to July 2, 2019.

  • Step 2: Pay Your Fee

You must pay your fee and administrative cost share by the deadline.

Producers have until July 2, or 30 days after receiving their enrollment notice to pay their fee without penalty.

If the fee deadline is missed, a 20% penalty is applied and have until December 31 to pay their fee with applied penalty.

Should you miss the initial fee deadline, you have until the final fee deadline to pay your fee with a penalty equal to 20% of your fee.

  • Step 3: Complete and Send Your Form

Send your completed AgriStability form by the deadline.

September 30, 2020: Initial filing deadline for the 2019 program year

December 31, 2020: Filing deadline with penalty for the 2019 program year

If you send your form after the initial deadline, your payment (if you receive one) will be reduced by $500 for each month or part of a month past the initial deadline up to the final deadline.

For more information on AgriStability or assistance with the application process, please contact your local branch office or call the AFSC Client Contact Centre 1.877.899.2372