Working in agriculture requires the ability to withstand unpredictable events. To protect producers from designated perils that lead to production loss, Agriculture Financial Services (AFSC) provides a suite of insurance programs.

These programs provide:

  • protection for producers from financial losses due to circumstances beyond their control
  • coverage for many types of operations including commercial, organic, pedigreed seed and specialty cropping.

What’s new for 2023

Reseeding Benefit: The Reseeding Benefit compensation levels will now be reviewed annually so that the values are more relevant and reflective of current input prices. Refer to the applicable Insuring Agreement to find the updated values for the current year.

Weather Stations for Silage Greenfeed LOM: Four new weather stations, Comrey, Vernon Lake, Steveville, and Red Coat, are being added to the network of weather stations across Alberta, while two weather stations, Iron Springs and Altawan, are being replaced, with Picture Butte and Sage Creek respectively.

  • Clients who had selected Iron Springs and Altawan in the previous year can update their selected weather station by completing a change request prior to April 30.
  • Weather stations are subject to change. Please view the Weather Station Selection Tool on or contact your AFSC branch office for a current list of weather stations.

Straight Hail Insurance: Maximum values for all crops have been increased and the criteria for market gardens have been updated.

  • See the 2023 Straight Hail Insurance dollar values here
  • Market gardens can now be insured up to a maximum of 60 acres, with no requirement on the number of crops to be grown in the garden.