You can learn a lot just by looking at someone’s boots. Big boots, little boots, dirty boots, clean boots – just like a book, every boot tells a story.

At AFSC, working alongside producers each day means we have the privilege of being a small part of their stories. Farming and ranching is an incredibly diverse and demanding industry filled with some of the most hardworking and resilient people imaginable – and we want to share their stories.

We asked some of our team members to show us their boots and share their stories…


Jackie S, Produce Coordinator

I love agriculture as it takes me back to my roots – I am the fourth generation of my family to raise cattle here in Alberta. Being involved in the family ranching operation keeps me grounded, and working out in nature with the animals is an excellent way to eliminate some of the ‘noise’ of today’s society.

Kevin C, Vice President Lending

I really appreciate the ag industry for all that it delivers to the world. With care and attention along with hard work, food and ag products enrich people’s lives every day. Through our programs at AFSC, we help make this happen. I have met so many great people in the industry both professionally and personally. These boots have carried me through these journeys. As we change and evolve with the seasons so do our boots. If you’re in ag, a boot “collection” is essential.

Brenda H, Product Owner LPI

This industry is really all I know as I was raised around cattle my whole life. This has driven my passion to continue to contribute to the industry as a producer, and with an off-farm career in the cattle business. The icing on the cake is getting to share this love of agriculture and cows with my children. It’s never a bad day at our operation when there are three generations helping out on the farm.

Karyn S, Manager Processing and Verification

Growing up on a cow/calf operation sparked my love of animals. Pursuing a BSc in agriculture allowed me the privilege of working in the field of agriculture, with amazing people, throughout my career. I am honored to support Alberta producers on a daily basis.

Stacey T, Financial Operations Analyst

I work within the Alberta agriculture industry. I don’t work in the fields, barns or corrals, but behind a desk. Along with a team of other staff, we provide financial aid to Alberta farmers that suffer from a significant margin loss. Even though my city boots aren’t covered in dust or muck, my rural heart loves being part of agriculture. Helping clients continue doing what they love – growing food for global consumers is so imperative.

George K, Manager Claims Adjusting

I’ve worked in the ag industry with AFSC for over 20 years, and it has given me a broad prespective, which I greatly appreciate. I not only respect the producers with “boots on the ground” but the entire industry. I am seeing more and more people who want to learn about how their food is produced, and that’s exciting for the future of agriculture.  Moving forward, as the population continues to be more and more urbanized it’s important for agriculture to tell its story.

Kelly Smith-Fraser, AFSC Board Chair

I was born into agriculture. Being a fourth-generation rancher on both sides of my family, means so much to me. I say over and over that I love the people in agriculture. We are a resilient group that, when needed, offer a support system that I believe is unparalleled in other industries. We also challenge one another and typically help to better our counterparts.

Crystal S, Manager Client Care

Grateful for the freezer full of beef from the family farm for days like today when my son stops in for lunch. Good thing he had his Daddy’s little helpers with him eager to wash dishes and clean up the kitchen after lunch so Mere could get back to work on time. As my grandson says, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’.

Bobbie-Jo C, Insurance Platform Business Sponsor

These shoes have walked many fields and chased many cattle over the years. I’ve adjusted hailed out crops for AFSC with these shoes, recorded LPI videos, and worked cattle on my parent’s family farm. They are worn but bring me joy when I am putting them on as I know it is a day out of the office for me!

Michelle S, Team Lead Lending

We farm in gumbo country, so this is what our boots look like from my dad’s, husband’s, mine and now the next generation. What I love about farming is it is a family affair. We all work hard for one purpose and one goal. We are all connected to the land and our family business.

Show us your boots. Tell us your story

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  • Why were you drawn to this industry?
  • What is a challenge you face as a producer?
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