Alberta producers know that the weather can change rapidly, and the past few fall seasons have taught us that changes bringing cold and wet weather can add additional challenges for producers. Mother Nature's unpredictability can place producers in difficult situations as they plan ahead and make important decisions.

But even under such circumstances of uncertainty, some comfort is offered for producers who grow fall-sown crops. Producers who seed winter crops this fall are eligible for insurance if they elect to purchase and file a Land Report by April 30, 2021, subject to confirmation that the crop is viable.

“We want to give producers as much flexibility as possible when deciding to plant winter crops,” said Daniel Graham, AFSC’s Manager of Insurance Products.

Recommended seeding dates are nearing (Sept. 20 for north of Bow River and Sept. 30 for the south of the river), however there are no set deadlines for fall-seeded crops. If they choose to do so, producers can still seed and insure their winter cereals by contacting their AFSC branch office and filing their Land Report by the end of April 2021. Fall and winter crops that are seeded after their recommended seeding dates will require an acceptance inspection in the spring to confirm viability of the crop and insurance coverage.


Annual Crop Recommended Seeding Date

Rye (Fall), Triticale (Winter), Winter Wheat

North of Bow River



September 20

Rye (Fall), Triticale (Winter), Winter Wheat

South of Bow River



September 30