Several areas in Alberta have experienced limited precipitation this growing season. As a result, some producers are considering putting their crops to alternate uses rather than waiting for them to mature and mechanically harvesting them. 

Agriculture Financial Services (AFSC) clients with production insurance can choose to use their insured crop for alternate use including pasturing, ploughing down, spraying out, silaging or harvesting the crop into an immeasurable state.  Clients can use the AFSC yield estimation calculator to help determine potential yields and make decisions on when to harvest or preharvest a crop. The yield estimation calculator (opens in a new link) is easy to use, and producers can have an estimated yield in a few simple steps.

At least five days in advance of putting an insured crop to an alternate use, clients need to contact AFSC and arrange for a yield appraisal and the release of the insured acres. Putting an insured crop to an alternate use before the acres are released by AFSC may impact the adjusted production in determining potential claims and future coverage. 

When contacting AFSC, clients will need to provide the number of acres intended to be put to an alternate use and an estimate of the yield. Depending on the estimate of yield, the acres may be released from an AFSC branch office, or an adjuster may complete a field inspection to determine the yield appraisal before acres are released. 

Clients wanting to put an insured crop to an alternate use before the acres are released can leave standing inspection strips or exclosures with prior approval by AFSC. Annual crops may be left in the swath as well to allow AFSC to conduct a yield appraisal. 

Clients should review the information on Inspection Strips to ensure they understand what is required and avoid any potential negative impacts to their insurance.  


Please use live chat on our website or AFSC Connect, call our Client Care Centre at 1.877.899.2372 or contact your preferred branch office for additional information.