Currently, some areas of the province are experiencing extended periods of inclement weather, which is impacting harvesting operations. AFSC understands the pressure the elements can put on our clients as they wait for field conditions to improve.

Business risk management programs offered by Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) include AgriStability, AgriInsurance and AgriInvest. These programs can help alleviate some of the stress associated with weather-based concerns.

What can AFSC do for you?

AgriInsurance for annual crops provides a production guarantee. If clients are anticipating a production shortfall, there are options to speed up the payment of indemnities. To initiate a claim, a client must submit their harvested production report (HPR) by November 15. HPRs can be filed online; by email, mail or fax; or in person at your branch office.

Post-harvest advance

If, after the HPR has been filed, it is determined that crops are in a production shortfall, clients may want to take advantage of two post-harvest advance options. These options allow eligible clients to receive a portion of their estimated shortfall as an early payment prior to adjusters  completing an on-farm production review.

Post-harvest advance options include:

  • a 50 per cent advance option where clients receive half of their estimated shortfall; or
  • the preliminary payment option where eligible clients receive a higher percentage of their estimated shortfall.

In other cases, clients may be eligible to be paid the full amount of their claim based on their Harvested Production Report.

Unharvested Acreage Benefit

Should adverse weather conditions continue preventing the completion of harvest, AFSC offers an Unharvested Acreage Benefit as well as a supplementary advance for clients with unharvested acres due to the onset of winter.

The Unharvested Acreage Benefit provides an advance payment for eligible acres on insured crops that remain unharvested after November 30 because of the onset of winter, when the client suffers a production loss. Acres will be considered eligible for the Unharvested Acreage Benefit, if they exceed 20 per cent of the insured acres for each eligible crop and production does not equal or exceed coverage for that crop.

The supplementary advance provides an additional payment of 50 per cent of the estimated post-harvest indemnity less the Unharvested Acreage Benefit, if paid. The client is required to repay any amount of the Supplementary Advance that result in an overpayment when the claim is finalized in the spring.

Wildlife Damage Compensation Program

As acres that remain unharvested are at an increased risk of damage by wildlife, AFSC administers the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program, which is funded by the federal and provincial governments. The program provides coverage for producers who suffer crop loss or degradation caused by wildlife. To benefit from this program, a producer does not have to have an annual crop insurance policy with AFSC, but it is important to know that not all crops are eligible under this program.

Quality concerns

If a client’s crop has suffered grade degradation due to Mother Nature, AFSC will adjust total production for quality loss on most insured crops. If quality is a concern for your annual crops, AFSC only accepts the receipted grade on sales from buyers who have a primary elevator or terminal elevator license from the Canadian Grain Commission. Clients who intend to sell grain to a grain dealer, private buyer or process elevator before an AFSC adjuster preforms a post-harvest inspection, should contact AFSC first.

For additional information, please use Live Chat on our website or AFSC Connect, call our Client Service Centre at 1.877.899.2372 or contact your branch office.