This spring has brought an excess of rainfall to many areas of Alberta and crops in the affected areas are struggling. AFSC recognizes these kinds of conditions can create uncertainty and worry for producers trying to manage the distressed acres.

A producer may decide to put the land to another use other than harvest, they may not be able to harvest, or in some cases, they may choose to abandon the acres entirely.

AFSC clients with production insurance on their annual or perennial crops have the option to put their crops to another use, such as pasturing. Clients need to contact AFSC at least five days in advance of putting an insured crop to an alternate use and arrange for a yield appraisal and the release of the insured acres. Putting an insured crop to an alternate use before the acres are released by AFSC may impact the adjusted production in determining potential claims and future coverage.

If in the fall, the affected acres cannot be harvested or the decision is made to abandon those acres, clients will need to complete a Harvested Production Report (HPR) to report the fields with acres left unharvested or abandoned. Producers are encouraged to submit their Harvested Production Report (HPR) as soon as possible by logging into their AFSC Connect account. HPRs may also be submitted by email, fax, mail or at their local AFSC office.

Perennial crops that are unable to be harvested or are declared abandoned will have a standing appraisal completed after the HPR deadline of October 15, to determine a yield potential on those acres. The total baled production plus the yield appraisals will be calculated and subtracted from their coverage. This will determine yield losses and calculate any indemnities.

Annual crops that are unable to be harvested or are declared abandoned will also have a standing appraisal completed, but after the HPR deadline of November 15. Yield appraisals will be added to harvested production, and then compared to coverage in order to determine potential claims. The annual production insurance program includes an Unharvested Acreage Benefit, which may cover losses suffered over winter when the yields are under their insured coverage and acres are managed the following spring.

Crops that can be harvested may suffer from quality losses. Harvested annual crops may have the yield adjusted for quality losses when the grade falls below designated grade. Export timothy also has an adjustment made to harvested yields when the grade falls below the designated grade of ‘Choice’ as determined by the TrueGrade Hay Scan System.

For both export timothy and annual crops, AFSC must be able to sample and grade the product or else the claim may be impacted. If clients are planning to sell to a grain dealer, private buyer or processing elevator, contact AFSC for details for retaining acceptable samples.

For more information, please contact the AFSC Client Service Centre at 1.877.899.2372, contact your branch office or use the AFSC online chat