Currently large areas across the province are experiencing extended periods of inclement weather, which is impacting harvesting operations. AFSC understands the pressure that snowed-under crops puts on our clients as they wait for fields to dry in order to deal with the unharvested acres from the 2018 crop.

Business Risk Management Programs that AFSC offers, which include AgriStability, AgriInsurance, and AgriInvest, are designed to help clients actively mitigate many of the potential effects of weather-based disasters.

Should adverse weather conditions continue, and harvest cannot be completed before winter sets in, AFSC will extend coverage beyond November 30 for clients in areas with snowed-under crops. This extension will provide clients coverage on their unharvested insured acres, under production insurance for annual crops, until harvest is able to be completed in the spring.

The deadline to file the Harvested Production Report (HPR) is November 15. Reports can be delivered in person to your local branch, emailed, faxed, or mailed. Also new for 2018, clients can login and submit the Crop Harvested Production Report online through AFSC Connect.

AFSC understands that harvest may not be completed by November 15, however the HPR is required for clients to be eligible for potential claims, extensions to coverage, Unharvested Acreage Benefits or Supplementary Advances.

Unharvested Acreage Benefits
Clients who have filed their Harvested Production Report and have a significant amount of unharvested insured crops may be eligible to receive an Unharvested Acreage Benefit to assist with cash flow needs. The requirements to be eligible for an Unharvested Acreage Benefit are:

  • AFSC receives clients HPR by November 15
  • Harvested production including pre-harvested acres, on a crop-by-crop basis, is below clients coverage (based on the HPR submitted);
  • More than 20 per cent of the total acres of the insured crop remain unharvested at the time of the unharvested assessment;
  • AFSC considers it impractical have harvested the crop; and
  • In AFSC’s opinion, the client had access to adequate equipment and labour to harvest the crop.If the client is eligible for an Unharvested Acreage Benefit, AFSC Inspectors will complete an assessment to validate harvested production and unharvested acres. Any acres harvested after the HPR is filed will be considered harvested and added to the HPR at the time of the assessment.

Supplementary Advance
Clients may also be eligible to access up to 50 per cent of their estimated post-harvest indemnity to assist with cash flow needs if the client is in a significant production shortfall after the estimated unharvested and harvested production acres are added together.Both the Unharvested Acreage Benefit and Supplementary Advance will be deducted off the final benefit calculations after harvest has been completed in the spring.

Unpaid Premiums
Clients that have unharvested acres may also have unpaid insurance premiums. AFSC will actively work with these clients to arrange amicable repayment arrangements. Clients are encouraged to contact their AFSC branch before December 20 to work out a suitable repayment arrangement.

Additional Questions
If you are facing a potential unharvested crop situation please contact your branch as early as possible. AFSC staff will be happy to answer any questions regarding unharvested acres that you may have.