At AFSC, working alongside producers each day means we have the privilege of being a small part of their stories. Farming and ranching are part of an incredibly diverse and demanding industry filled with some of the most hardworking and resilient people imaginable – and we want to share their stories.

This year, we asked our team members, students studying agriculture, people working in the ag industry and producers to show us their boots and share their stories.

Here’s some of what we heard …


Sheldon C, Producer

I am proud to work in agriculture every day, but the best days are seeing grandkids and baby calves together. Calving is hard work, but this makes it all worth it.

A producer, wearing chore boots, works with a round bale.


Amanda H, BSc in Agriculture student, University of Alberta

Ever since I attended my first provincial program with 4-H, I have been enamored with how tight-knit the agriculture community is. Despite being spread across the province, the friendships and connections that I have made in the community are stronger than most. Feeling at home within the industry has been incredibly important in choosing my path in post-secondary and beyond. I could not be more thankful for the connections I have made, as they are the reason, I have decided to make a career in agriculture.

A person kneeling in a field


Sam B, Legal Assistant at AFSC

Growing up on a farm, agriculture is never far from my mind and always in my heart.  The smell of fresh cut hay, taking a dip in the cows’ water trough on a hot summer’s day, gathering eggs where I became quite stealthy in order to avoid an attack from a mean chicken or accidently stepping in a cowpie with bare feet. ‘Farm-to-Fork’ is as good as it gets! I am so proud to continue to be a part of this industry at Agriculture Financial Services Corporation. At our house, steak and eggs are always on the menu!

A pair of boots in front of a tree.


Cole M, Ag Management student, Olds College

What I love about being part of agriculture is the tradition and the lifestyle that you can grow and develop in. I was drawn the Agricultural Management Program because I was able to further my knowledge in multiple areas within Agriculture without being in a specific program.

A boot in a stirrup.


Michelle H, Relationship Manager, AFSC 

These are my boots and the footprint they leave.

Growing up in Central Alberta, I was blessed by growing up on a family farm, with century old family farms on both sides of my family and am a 5th generation farmer. Agriculture is very important to me and my family, and always will be.

A big part of my experience with AFSC is listening to clients, hearing their ideas, experiences, and agricultural stories, because the years of agricultural experience that walk through our doors each day is incredible and needs to be heard. These stories are the clients’ own footprints in agriculture, and I enjoy taking their perspectives and ideas forward for new growth where possible.

A pair of red chore boots.


Kamryn R, Ag Management student, Olds College

What I love the most about being a part of the agriculture industry is that you can always be proud of the work you have accomplished at the end of the day. No matter the task or work you have done, there is always time to be thankful for the amazing industry we get to work within. I love that we get to learn new things each day as the industry keeps growing and advancing in so many different ways… We have so much to be thankful for in agriculture and I am so excited to see what the future holds for the next generation farmers.

A person wearing boots, standing in front of a tractor.


Nicole M, Client Care Agent, AFSC

Agriculture has always been a significant part of my life as I grew up on a cattle ranch. My passion and knowledge for the industry comes from many years of experience passed down through generations, and ultimately led me to continue to pursue agriculture through post-secondary education and career choices. Having the opportunity to grow up in agriculture was incredibly valuable as I was able to discover firsthand what it is all about. Agriculture is constantly adapting and developing and I feel blessed to be part of an industry that is integral to the economy. I also think it is quite fascinating that agriculture isn’t just about farming. There are a lot of moving parts that add to the constant growth of this very welcoming industry which has created endless career opportunities as the learning never stops.

A top view of person on horseback, with a look at their boots.

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