Protection is provided to clients when hay production (both harvested and appraised combined) falls below the coverage level selected and the loss is due to an insured peril.

  • If you have finished your haying operations for insured hay fields, AFSC encourages you to file a harvested production report (HPR) as soon as possible.
  • If you have suffered from inclement weather and are unable to harvest your hay, or you have decided to abandon acres, an AFSC inspector may visit your farm to verify reported information, assess a yield and determine the cause of loss.

Clients can file their HPR online or submit on paper to AFSC, no later than October 15.

A late-filing fee will be applied for HPRs filed between October 16 and December 31. Failure to file an HPR by December 31 will result in a yield recorded as zero, and no indemnity will be calculated.

Creation of an insurance claim is based on the information provided by the client on their HPR.

It is important that AFSC is able to weigh bales and adjust moisture separately by hay type, land location and cut (first and second). When practical, clients are asked to store production by field, separately — allowing AFSC inspectors reasonable access.

For additional information regarding filing online, contact your AFSC office or call the AFSC Contact Centre at 1.877.899.2372.