Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) serves primarily rural communities where agriculture is the main bread earner for many families. Many staff members of AFSC also have rural roots and have close connections to farmer families where they work.

Livestock and grain producer Denton Tatarin’s story of how he could expand his business as a cattle farmer is a great example of the synergy that can be created by those close relations, showcasing how AFSC’s lending programs contribute to a strengthened agriculture.

“I had the pleasure of attending school with Robert Saunders at the University of Alberta,” said Tatarin referring to AFSC’s lending specialist who was at the branch office in Lamont at the time, before transferring to Stettler branch.

“When I decided I wanted to grow my purebred cattle herd, I thought I would approach him.”

His instinct proved right on target and Robert Saunders was quick to respond to Tatarin’s projected growth plans by arranging a loan.

“Thanks to this relationship with AFSC, I was able to go out and purchase some select purebred red and black females that I felt would start to grow my herd.

“This helped the growth of my herd in terms of both quality and quantity.”

“Working with AFSC was very stress free.”

Tatarin’s farming business northeast of Edmonton currently consists of a mixed grain and cattle operation with about 4,000 acres of grain and 150 head of cattle. Of those 150 head, 70 are purebred. “The 70 purebred cattle are of red, black, and traditional Simmental genetics,” Tatarin said.

“We market our bulls through the annual Bullfest sale in Camrose, Alberta, which was held March 1 this year.”

The way things are going for Tatarin’s farm, the future looks quite good.

“The results are already starting to show,” he said referring to his decision to grow his herd through an AFSC loan.

“At Farmfair 2018, we were proud to exhibit the champion Simmental bull calf and we were able sell an elite female this fall; both as a direct result of the females I was able to purchase last year.

“In addition to this, many exciting calves will hit the ground this January.”

Like the results emerging from his business relationship with it, Tatarin also appreciates the process of interacting with AFSC.

“Working with AFSC was very stress free,” he said.

“Robert was great in helping me understand the lending process and working through, helping me fill out all the paper work.

“In working with him, it was also nice that once the paperwork was completed, he got the loan paper work completed very quickly. The customer service was high end.”

As for what the future holds for Tatarin’s farm and his business relationship with AFSC, the connection is likely to be continue.

“I’m sure AFSC will play a role in the future for my farming operation whether it be on the grain or cattle side of our operation,” Tatarin said.

“I feel confident that whatever challenges or opportunities that arise in my agriculture business, I can work with AFSC to help achieve my goals or reach these opportunities.”