Over the past few weeks, several farm chemical companies have alerted producers to the potential for herbicide carryover due of the drought-like conditions of the past growing season.

Herbicides require certain conditions in order to break down and if these conditions are not present, the herbicide can remain active in the soil the following year, potentially damaging the following crop.

AFSC would like to remind producers that crop loss due to herbicide carryover is not an approved cause of loss in the crop insurance program. Any losses resulting from herbicide carryover will not be covered.

The factors controlling the extent of herbicide persistence in the soil are complex, and AFSC recommends producers contact their agronomists or retailer to determine what, if any, steps they should take to minimize the risk for the coming growing season.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your AFSC branch office and a member of AFSC’s Claims Adjusting Services team can help answer them.