To commemorate our 80 years in business, AFSC held a visual art contest earlier this year to see how rural youth interpret the theme of ‘Then and Now: Agriculture in Alberta’. The Visual Arts Contest was open to all youth in Alberta ages 4-17.

After reviewing all the entries, the following winners have been selected in each category:

4-6 Years

Winner: Tyson Splane, “Old Thresher and Seeder on Cloudy Day”
Honourable Mention: *No Additional Entries*

7-9 Years

Winner: Grenville Swanson
Honourable Mention: Ben Colden, Mark Splane, Aubrie Flewelling

10-12 Years

Winner: Jenaya Badry
Honourable Mention: Caleb Driedger, Dean Splane, Izabella Kelland

13-17 Years

Winner: Danielle Varga
Honourable Mention: Faith Salsbury, Adam Healing