Hail seems inevitable in Alberta; it’s often not a question of if, but when. And when hail does hit, AFSC’s Straight Hail Insurance can give producers peace of mind, ensuring they have the coverage they need.

Agriculture Financial Services Corporation’s (AFSC) Straight Hail Insurance offers coverage on a variety of crops and growing conditions. AFSC is the only hail insurance available that does not limit the township, or the liability, within high hail risk areas. Additionally, Straight Hail Insurance covers spot-loss damage to crops, caused by accidental fire and fire caused by lightning, giving producers even more peace of mind.

Hail insurance in Alberta has been around since the early 1900s, as the province has the dubious distinction of having one of the largest hail loss ratios in Canada. Hail insurance originally operated exclusively through the Government of Alberta and then moved to private companies in 1911 to offer producers options for hail coverage.

Given the high volume of cash reserves needed to pay out claims, many private companies struggled to stay in business, providing the opportunity for the provincial government to create the Alberta Hail Insurance Board. The Hail Board’s goal was to ensure the viability of hail insurance in Alberta and to ensure hail insurance payouts were entirely funded through producer premiums. The Alberta Hail Insurance Board joined with the Alberta Crop Insurance Corporation in 1968 to become AFSC.

By securing the long-term viability of hail insurance, the Hail Board ensured that all producers who wanted hail insurance were eligible for coverage, regardless of location or liability, a feature that remains in place today.

Carrying on the tradition

With that legacy, AFSC understands the unique risks hail poses to Alberta’s producers, and we are working hard to carry on the tradition of quality coverage and benefits. Annual crop and hay clients are offered a two per cent discount on premiums if they auto-elect Straight Hail Insurance. Clients who purchase through our online platform, AFSC Connect, receive an additional two per cent discount.

Straight Hail Insurance policies can be purchased at any time throughout the hail season and damage can be reported 24-7 through AFSC Connect. AFSC also offers high-dollar coverage on specialty and high value crops, such as potatoes or sugar beets, affording the same peace of mind to smaller acre operations.

Producers can pay premiums through various methods of payment, including credit card, and unpaid premiums do not accrue interest until September 1 of the crop year purchased. This allows producers to manage their payment schedules.

If you would like to learn more about AFSC’s Straight Hail Insurance, please use Live Chat on our website or AFSC Connect, call our Client Service Centre at 1-877-899-2372 or contact your branch office. Producers can also AFSC Connect to create and save Straight Hail Insurance estimates, purchase coverage and report hail claims.