Do More Ag has launched a new peer-support mental health platform, Ag Talk.

The platform, which is powered by Togetherall, provides a safe and anonymous space where anyone over 16 can connect, share, and receive support from a community of peers who relate to their unique experiences. Interested producers can sign up at

“Given agriculture’s strong sense of community, Do More Ag has recognized a need for a peer-to-peer support for some time,” said Lauren Martin, Do More Ag board chair, in a press release.

By offering an anonymous peer-to-peer support platform, AgTalk provides a safe space for individuals to share their experiences, seek guidance, support their peers and receive support from others who can relate to their experiences. It has 24/7 bilingual clinical moderation and ensures a secure environment for open discussions on mental health.

“We understand that mental health journeys are deeply personal, and everyone progresses at their own pace,” said Megz Reynolds, Do More Ag executive director. “AgTalk, is designed to support individuals in their next steps towards improved mental wellbeing, allowing them to share and connect when they are ready. The clinically moderated environment provides an added layer of support and wellbeing for our community.”

Agriculture Financial Services (AFSC) is a proud partner of Do More Ag.

If you are in crisis, please visit your local emergency department or call 911 immediately.