Moisture Deficiency program: Changes were made to Moisture Deficiency Insurance for pasture and Moisture Deficiency Endorsement for hay. Feedback from producers resulted in a change to the minimum amount of moisture used in calculating the daily moisture amounts; the minimum was changed to 1.0 mm up from 0.1 mm. In addition, a new heat component was added whereby for every day that the temperature at the selected weather stations(s) reaches 30 C or higher, 1.0 mm will be subtracted from the precipitation total for the month; and if the temperature reaches or exceeds 35 C, 2.0 mm more will be deducted.

Alberta Premium Reduction discontinued due to extreme weather events of 2021: In 2021, based on a healthy insurance crop fund reserve, AFSC was able to provide clients with a 20 per cent premium reduction on the majority of insurance premiums. The plan was to reevaluate the premium reduction annually and adjust based on the events of the previous year. Due to the major weather events of 2021, claim payouts were predicted to be the highest in AFSC’s history. This resulted in a significant decrease in the fund reserve, making the Alberta Premium Reduction unsustainable and the discontinuation of the initiative for 2022 and subsequent years.