Clients are required to contact AFSC five days in advance of putting an insured crop to a use other than putting up dry, measurable bales. Alternate uses include pasture, plough under, loose stack, high moisture bales greater than 60 per cent moisture, hay silage, haylage or any type of immeasurable state

Once authorized by AFSC, clients have the option to set up a defined number of exclosures if pasturing hay acres, or leave standing inspection strips if putting acres to another use.

  • Exclosures are representative sites that are fenced off. A minimum of two sites for fields up to 40 acres, and a minimum of one site for every additional 40 acres in that item, is required.
  • Inspection strips are standing strips of insured crop left in from the edges of the field, a distance of about one-third (1/3) of the width of the field, for the length of the field and a minimum of 10 feet in width, for inspection by AFSC.

On fields of 100 acres or more, an additional strip must be left in the middle of the field.

To learn more about Inspection Strips, please see How to leave Inspection Strips

For more information, contact your AFSC office or call 1.877.899.2372.