AFSC staff knows first-hand the challenges and rewards of agriculture

At AFSC, we’re proud of the work we do to help build a strong, growing and diversified agriculture and agri-food industry in Alberta.  Many AFSC team members are also producers and know first-hand the challenges and rewards Alberta producers face.

Meet the Team


Kelsey, Client Service Representative, Leduc Branch Office

Years at AFSC: I have been with AFSC for eight years. I am a Client Service Representative, and I have the opportunity to see many different perspectives and work with all AFSC’s product lines.

Why did you pursue a career in agriculture? I have been a part of agriculture all my life, growing up on a mixed beef and grain farm in the Leduc County area. I was a 4-H beef member for 11 years.

Working in agriculture is something that I always knew I wanted to do, even as a small child. It was where I knew I would be the happiest.  I had no idea what part of agriculture I was going to be a part of, but I knew I was going to work in agriculture once I graduated from high school.

Working with farmers has to be one of the most rewarding jobs around. Farmers are the most down-to-earth people to work with, and they are always happy to share the good and bad of farming with anyone. Working for AFSC, I have been able to see how different each farming operation is and how every area of the province differs. Working with farmers is always a fun learning experience.

Are you involved in agriculture beyond your work at AFSC? Beyond my work at AFSC, my husband and I help with the farm in the Leduc area, where as a family, we have a beef and grain operation. Farming is a family affair; everyone has their favourite part of the year, and mine is calving season.

Why do you enjoy working in agriculture? Working in agriculture can sometimes be intimidating since I am a woman. But, I think that is what makes it even better.

Being a woman in working agriculture has been rewarding. If you can prove to a producer that you understand the risks of farming and can talk farming, you can build a trusting relationship. Plus, our clients are great to work with.

Work is never done on the farm; producers work long, hard hours in the heat, wind, rain, and snow. They never give up. A farmer never farms for this year; they’ll always tell you that next year will be the year.

Overall, working in agriculture is a very rewarding and satisfying job.

Are you involved in any community initiatives or groups? Community brings a sense of home to me; being able to grow up in and still live in the same community is a great feeling. My husband and I try, whenever we can, to help around our community and with our local charities.


Sara, Customer Service Representative, Athabasca Branch Office

Years at AFSC:

Years at AFSC: I’ve been with AFSC for almost 10 and a half years.

Why did you pursue a career in agriculture? I grew up on a farm/orchard in British Columbia, and it’s what I love. I also have a BSc-Agriculture degree from the University of Alberta.

Are you involved in agriculture beyond your work at AFSC? I farm with my parents, and we run a cow/calf operation.

Why do you enjoy working in agriculture? I love being able to get outside, even if it is usually farm work. I love hanging out with my cows.

Are you involved in any community initiatives or groups? No, there never seems to be enough hours in my day!