The Alberta Producer Loan program provides producers with an alternative source of fixed-rate term loans to acquire assets necessary to maintain and grow their farming operation.

This program supports existing agricultural producers to ensure they have access to long-term financing and offers a variety of eligible purposes including payment of liabilities or expenses, restructuring debt, providing working capital and more.


The Alberta Producer Loan Program can be utilized for the following purposes for your existing farm operation.

  • Payment of expenses
  • Restructure existing debt
  • Working capital


  • Alberta Producer Loan Program offers various fixed-rate terms up to 10 years with a maximum amortization of 25 years
  • Loans can be prepaid or paid in full at any time without penalty
  • Long-term, competitive interest rates
  • Payment schedule to fit your cash flow needs
  • No annual fees
  • AFSC lending products have a maximum lending limit of $30 million per individual or any group of connected individuals or companies.

Applying for a loanĀ 

This program is eligible to individuals who are Canadian citizens or landed immigrants, and companies incorporated in Canada and registered to operate a business in Alberta.