These are the proposed changes for the 2020 Program Year currently being reviewed.

From the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Guidelines:

4.3.2 Private insurance payments

1/ Indemnity payments from private insurance programs that are fully producer-funded are non-allowable in the Program Year Margin and allowable in the Reference Margin where they relate to:

price or revenue insurance associated with the sale of allowable commodities

price insurance associated with the purchase of allowable expenses

production insurance covering the production of allowable commodities (e.g. private hail insurance)

other income insurance, such as margin-based or guaranteed minimum income insurance

2/ Indemnity payments from private insurance programs not outlined above, that compensate Participants for the replacement of eligible agricultural commodities or allowable expense items, are included as allowable income in both the Program Year Margin and the Reference Margin (e.g. payments for inputs destroyed by fire).

To learn more about the proposed changes, including private insurance codes and descriptions, view Proposed Changes for 2020 Program Year.


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