Export Timothy Hay Insurance provides production insurance for irrigated and dryland pure timothy hay stands intended for export.

Protection is provided when the export timothy hay production (harvested and appraised) falls below the coverage level selected and the loss is due to a designated peril. Adjustments to yields are made when the grade falls below Choice, as determined by the TrueGrade HayScan System or another method AFSC considers to be acceptable.

Coverage only applies to first-cut pure timothy hay grown for the export market on dryland export timothy or irrigated export timothy.


Each designated risk area under this program has its own long-term average yield, based on the average of yields reported by Export Timothy Hay clients and Export Timothy Hay processing plants in that area. Insurance coverage for each client is initially based on the long-term average yield for the risk area where the farm is located. In time, coverage for clients is adjusted upward or downward to reflect their individual experience.

Clients new to Export Timothy Hay Insurance will start with four years of risk area average yields. As client yields are reported they replace the risk area average yields and each client develops their own coverage adjustment.


The insurance price used to establish dollar coverage and claim payments for both dryland and irrigated timothy hay, is based on the average expected farm gate price for the ‘Choice’ grade.

Variable Price Benefit is not available for Export Timothy Hay Insurance.