Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) clients require a minimum of 10 per cent damage to initiate a claim. There must be at least 10 per cent hail damage on each spot-loss area for it to qualify for payment.

Straight Hail Insurance clients must meet the following responsibilities:

1 Submit a Client Reported Hail Claim Information form to a local branch office within 14 calendar days following the date on which the storm occurred.

The form will detail the:

  • Legal location of the damaged crop and the number of acres affected
  • Date and duration of the hail storm
  • Estimate of the percentage of damage

Late reporting of hail damage after 14 days will not be accepted.  Claims can be submitted by fax, email, phone or in person at a local branch office.

2 Report the estimated per cent of previous damage

If a client purchases Straight Hail Insurance after acres have incurred damage, clients are required to report the estimated per cent of previous damage. The affected fields are subject to an acceptance inspection prior to AFSC accepting liability.

3 Appoint a representative

When purchasing Straight Hail Insurance, clients are advised to appoint an authorized representative who can act on their behalf. In their absence, an authorized representative has the same authority as the client to not only report but also accept damage assessed to crops.

4 Accompany the AFSC inspector

Clients are required to accompany the inspector during a claim inspection, and take the inspector to the damaged areas of each field.

5 Cancel insurance, if required

A client may cancel insurance on a parcel of land if a claim is not filed. The client should initiate the cancellation process by signing the Cancellation box found at the bottom of the Statement of Coverage and Premium. Clients may email, fax or submit the signed cancellation by registered mail or in person at an AFSC branch office. If the signed cancellation is submitted by registered mail, the effective date of cancellation is the postmark date. Policies cancelled may be eligible for a percentage of premium refund, as per the schedule below.

Cancellation and Premium Refund Schedule.png