The Wildlife Damage Compensation Program compensates agricultural producers for wildlife damage to eligible unharvested annual crops, wildlife excreta contaminated crops, and silage in pits and tubes.

Producers wishing to participate in the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program are not required to have insurance to qualify for a claim. All costs for this program are paid by the federal and provincial governments; producers pay no premium or administration cost except for the appraisal fee. A non-refundable appraisal fee of $25 per inspection type is required for each section of land or portion thereof on which the damage has occurred.

In order for a producer to be compensated under the program, there must be at least 10 per cent wildlife damage and a minimum of $100 calculated loss per crop. Damaged crops must not be harvested until an AFSC inspector inspects them.

The following crops are not eligible: crops in granaries, bins, stacks or bales left in the field (exception: silage in pits and tubes are eligible); crops seeded on land considered unsuitable for production; crops seeded too late in the season to produce a normal yield; volunteer crops; crops left exposed to wildlife damage due to management practices.

Producers are responsible to notify Fish and Wildlife and AFSC as soon as possible after first noticing damage to request an inspection. A provincial Fish and Wildlife (FW) Officer will provide the producer with appropriate recommendations to prevent further damage prior to a claim being paid.