Corn Heat Unit Insurance is an area-based program which provides protection against a lack of heat for irrigated corn. Actual production of corn on the farm does not affect a claim payment.


Grain corn and silage corn are treated as separate crops so a client can choose to insure one or the other, or to insure both. Once elected though, the entire acreage of that crop must be insured.

Corn Heat Units are calculated from temperature measured at the insurable weather stations on a daily basis beginning on May 15. Corn Heat Units for the growing season are the total of the daily calculations. The daily calculations continue to accumulate until the earlier of the first killing frost, defined as a temperature of less than or equal to -2°C, or September 30, after a minimum of 700 corn heat units have accumulated, usually by late June.

Additional Insurance Benefits Available

Hail Endorsement offers spot-loss payments for damage due to hail, accidental fire and fire caused by lightning. When this option is purchased and the insured crop suffers 10 per cent or more damage, the client is eligible for a payment, based on the percentage of loss in the damaged areas.

Auto-Elect Straight Hail offers an option to purchase Straight Hail Insurance at the same time coverage is elected for Corn Heat Units Insurance, on or before April 30, and in advance of seeding crops.

Variable Price Benefit The Variable Price Benefit is automatically included and compensates clients in a loss situation when the fall market price of barley increases 10 per cent or more from the spring insurance price to the fall market price. The benefit is limited to a maximum increase of 50 per cent above the spring insurance price set for barley under Production Insurance. Barley is used as a proxy for the CHU silage corn crops because, historically, the price of silage corn tends to move with barley.

Spring Price Endorsement Spring Price Endorsement offers offers protection for with-in year price declines of more than 10 per cent between the spring insurance price and the fall market price. The endorsement is limited to a 50 per cent change. Once triggered, it will pay back up to 90 per cent of the spring insurance price on production produced, or deemed to be produced, up to the coverage elected.