Welcome to the AFSC Podcast! The goal of this limited podcast series is to provide Alberta producers in-depth information to support decision making on their operation around risk management.

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The Latest AFSC Podcast Episode

Episode 18 – 2022 Insurance Premiums

Learn about the factors pushing crop insurance premiums higher in 2022. Emmet Hanrahan, Vice President Innovation, discusses premiums for the upcoming growing season and the factors that influence insurance premiums and some options for producers to mitigate these changes.

The following charts are discussed in during the podcast. Please click on each image to see it at a larger size.
Spring Insurance Prices comparison chart
1,500 acre Alberta farm example

Previous Episodes

Episode 17 – An interview with Darryl Kay, AFSC chief executive officer

In this episode, Tracy Jouan, AFSC vice president Insurance, AgriStability, & Livestock Price Insurance, and Darryl Kay, AFSC chief executive officer, discuss how 2021’s extreme weather conditions affected producers across the province, and what effects that will have on AFSC’s insurance programs in the future.

Episode 16 – An interview with Emmet Hanrahan, vice president of Product Innovation at AFSC

In this episode, AFSC podcast host Ed Ten Hove sits down with AFSC’s Vice President – Product Innovation Emmet Hanrahan for a discussion about some of the common questions on phase two of the 2021 Canada-Alberta Livestock Feed Assistance AgriRecovery initiative.

Episode 15 – An interview with Geoff Brown of Lakeland College

In this episode of the AFSC Podcast, AFSC podcast host Ed Ten Hove sits down with Geoff Brown, dean of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at Lakeland College.

Episode 14 – An interview with James Benkie of Olds College

In this episode of the AFSC Podcast, AFSC podcast host Ed Ten Hove sits down with James Benkie, dean of the Werklund School of Agriculture Technology at Olds College.

Episode 13 – An interview with Byrne Cook of Lethbridge College

In this episode of the AFSC Podcast, we chat with Byrne Cook of Lethbridge College. Byrne discusses the ever-changing world of ag education, learning during the pandemic, and the importance of getting hands-on experience.

Episode 12 – An interview with Leona Staples of the Jungle Farm

In this episode, AFSC podcast host Ed Ten Hove speaks with Leona Staples of the Jungle Farm. Leona discusses her journey to the Jungle Farm, women in agriculture, and what it is like to win the prestigious 2021 Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture award.

Episode 11 – Talking AgriStability with Steve Funk

In episode 11, our host Ed Ten Hove sits down with Steve Funk from MNP to talk about the changes to the AgriStability program. There are significant changes to the program and producers can find out how they apply to their operations.

Episode 10 – Talking about AFSC’s Innovation Team

In episode 10, our host Ed Ten Hove sits down with Innovation Team Supervisor Jesse Cole to discuss why AFSC has an Innovation team, and the value that team brings to the organization. The Innovation team has just past the one-year mark, and Jesse shares some great insight into how the team chooses projects and why these projects should interest our clients.

Episode 8 & 9 – Talking Mental Health with Lesley Kelly

Lesley Kelly of High Heels & Canola Fields and Do More Agriculture joins us for this interview and shares her family’s story of mental health and how the agriculture community is coming to terms with and embracing the importance of mental health. COVID-19 has put a strain on most people and Lesley shares some important resources and tips that can be useful to anyone dealing with their mental health or the mental health of loved ones.

In part two of our interview Lesley outlines some of the resources that exist to assist with mental health challenges as well as some strategies to help keep mental wellness top of mind.

Episode 7 – Client Chat with John Guelly

In episode 7 we chat with John Guelly, Chair of Alberta Canola Board of Directors and AFSC client. John farms near Westlock and shares his thoughts on risk management as an Alberta producer, the challenges the agriculture industry saw in 2020 and some of the things Alberta Canola is doing for its members.

Episodes 5 & 6 – Interview with Gerard and Kara Oosterhuis

In episode five we chat with Gerard Oosterhuis and his daughter Kara Oosterhuis who farm near Bow Island, Alberta. Running a multi-generational farm brings a variety of experiences and perspectives to our conversation. In part one of our interview with Gerard and Kara we discuss how their year went- even among some unusual times due to COVID-19- and get their insights on risk management for their operation and the challenges and risks they face when making decisions for the long-term success of their farm and their family.

In part two of our interview with Gerard and Kara we discuss succession planning, the importance of mental health in agriculture, and their roles within the ag industry.

Episode 4- Meet Darryl Kay, AFSC’s New CEO

In episode four we introduce AFSC’s newly appointed CEO, Darryl Kay. Darryl has been with AFSC for almost ten years, and served in a number of different capacities at AFSC, including interim CEO in 2017. We’re excited to share this conversation with Darryl with Alberta producers and industry groups to highlight some of his key areas of focus for AFSC and learn about the direction AFSC is headed under his guidance.

Episode 3 – A Look at the 2020 AgriRecovery Bid Set Aside Process

In our third episode we take a close look at the 2020 Canada Alberta Fed Cattle Feed Cost Offset Initiative, specifically we dive into details on the bid set aside component of this AgriRecovery initiative. Daniel Graham and Michael Vadnais of AFSC join us to talk about the purpose of the initiative and particulars such as eligibility, the bidding process and more.

Episode 2 – Managing Risk in Alberta’s Cattle Industry

In our second episode we’re talking with Kelly Smith Fraser, chair of Alberta Beef Producers. 2020 has posed unique challenges to the cattle industry in Alberta, with the impact of COVID-19 and corresponding volatile markets and threats of international trade disruptions. Kelly gives some insights into the importance of the Western Livestock Price Insurance Program (WLPIP) and how this producer-driven program can play a key role in managing the risks in your cattle operation.

Episode 1 – Risk Management for 2020

Our first episode looks at the unique risks facing Alberta producers in 2020, amidst COVID-19 and challenging markets. We speak with Steve Funk, CPA, CA, director of Farm Income Programs at MNP, about the challenges farmers are facing right now and the risk mitigation strategies they can use to protect their bottom line.